Kaihautū Pānui

Ngā manga iti, nga manga nui e honohono kau ana, ka tupu, hei awa tupua,

Tihei mauriora

Ki ngā mate o te wā, o te wiki, o ngā marama kua pahure, haere atu rā koutou, okioki ai ki te kāhui whetu.

This letter begins by acknowledging and reflecting on some of the significant losses we have experienced as a tribe recently. The whaikōrero of the last couple of months have paid homage to the many Rangatira we have lost.

The generational loss that we are experiencing has occupied my mind particularly as many of these faces were here when I first began my career serving our Iwi.

Their loss has had me revisiting some of the amazing things we have done as a people and reminds me of our intergenerational responsibilities to uphold ngā taonga tuku iho.

Rātou ki a rātou, otirā tātou ki a tātou ngā kanohi ora o tēnā pito, o tēnā pito o te awa, tēnā koutou katoa.

This letter coincides with the release of our latest E-Pānui, Te Haonga Mai. You may or may not notice we decided to bring back Te Haonga Mai as name for our e-pānui. Please let us know if there are particular things you would want to hear more about through the pānui, email us at office@ngatangatatiaki.co.nz

In general, I just want to update you on a few kaupapa.

Mouri Tūroa

The Mouri Turoa team has working hard setting up the systems required to begin working with our landowners on improving the health and wellbeing of our waterways through riparian planting, fencing and pest and weed control.

Our expressions of interest’s process remains open for any of our landowners click here to learn more. So far, we have had approximately 46 Whānau landowners/trust register their interest. With 24km of fencing identified so far there is still plenty of room for more.

Please email the team on mourituroa@ngatangatatiaki.co.nz or on 0800 292 8878 if you want to know more or have a look on the Mouri Tūroa page of our website.

Tertiary Scholarships

Te Whawhaki has recently established a relationship with the Māori Education Trust to administer our Tertiary Grants. The speed of this relationship has meant that there has been very little time to communicate the change so we are still to run a Te Mana o Te Awa grant round over opening soon for the month of June.

In the meantime, the new relationships the Māori Education Trust has been able to support twenty six tertiary grants for Te Atihaunui a Paparangi tauira currently undertaking post and undergraduate studies across the country.

In the future the Māori Education Trust will be the single portal for our applications, so everyone will be encouraged to apply through the Māori Education Trust portal for the November 2022 to March 2023 round. More information about the change will be featured in the next Te Haonga Mai.

Marae Grants

Te Whawhaki has also agreed to a Marae Grant, so letters will be coming out shortly to Marae to confirm a grant of $7,500. This grant recognises that the impacts of Covid and closures for refurbishment has limited income into the Marae.

Upcoming Hui

This year is going to be busy, there are a numerous hui being scheduled and conversations needed. On Monday our kaupapa kōrero series celebrates the signing of the Treaty.

Covid and the closure of our Marae has disrupted the hui still needed on Surface Water Activities, but we are definitely keen to hear from our Marae and Hapū about whether they want us to come and have kōrero about this kaupapa, or any suggestions you might have to kōrero about this, we know winter is not the best time so whenever you are ready.

Te Kōpuka are also conducting hui across communities on the development of Te Heke Ngāhuru and finally as mentioned in Te Haonga Mai the Trust Deed review process has begun.


Finally, the last thing I want to raise is a change to our Pātaka distribution. Our usual practice was to provide Kaimoana however we had had some instances recently where the kai had gone off.

Our practice is now to provide a koha to the nominated bank account the amount is equivalent to the value of the Kaimoana previously supplied. In this next year we are looking at how we can revitalise the use of our fishing practices and the fishing permit regime to stock the pātaka.

He kōrero anō tērā.

Nō reira kua mutu taku kōrero mō tēnei wā, kia piki te ora ki koutou, nāku noa, nā,

Nancy Tuaine



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