Trustee Elections 2021-2024

Karanga, karanga ki a Ranginui e tū iho nei Karanga, karanga ki a Papatūānuku e takoto nei Kia rarau ngā tapuwae a ngā uri o Te Awa Tupua He putanga ariki! He putanga tauira!

Tēnā koutou katoa

Voting has opened for Trustees of Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui for the 2021-2024 term.

Registered adult iwi members are now eligible to vote for the candidates that can lead the Trust in the next phase of our journey.

What you need to know:

  • Voting opens on Wednesday June 30 and closes at noon August 3, 2021
  • You must be over 18 years-old and you must be registered on the Whanganui Iwi Database to be eligible to vote.
  • A voting pack will be sent to all adults registered on the Iwi Database on Wednesday 30 June.
  • Your voting pack will have all the information you need to cast your vote/s.
  • You will be able to vote online or by post.
  • Your postal details on our database need to be current, or your voting pack may be sent to an old address. 
  • It is vital that the contact details we have for you are current, call us to check on 0800 AWA TUPUA or click here.

The Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui Trustee Election process is being run by the Independent Returning Officer, Election Services.

The following page has been set up for information purposes only - you are unable to vote on this page. 

Thirteen Whanganui uri have been nominated and confirmed to stand as candidates including [in alphabetical order of last names]:

FIRMIN Kiritahi v2
Kiritahi Firmin
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Personal Information

Tēnā koutou katoa, I’m a professional Māori woman of the Whanganui and Ngāti Maniapoto people. I live with my husband on our farm in Whanganui. We have three children and one grandchild.

I have a excellent experience in leading people, design, creativity and project management. It is why I have chosen to successfully work in this field over the past 10 years managing teams , designing, advising and creating models and initiatives for whānau to thrive and live violence and crime free.

To balance my social service contribution I teach Permaculture and Organics in our communities.

Candidate Statement

Over the many years I’ve built a strong network that has connected me locally, nationally and internationally to indigenous communities, Iwi, Communities, NGO’s, Govt Agencies, and Ministers that have helped guide how I manage and lead in anything I’m involved in.

I’m a natural-born leader, genuine, caring, who can talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes me happier than leading the charge and motivating my team.

  • Subject matter expert - Matauranga Māori and Te Reo Māori
  • Subject matter expert - Domestic / Sexual Violence prevention
  • Subject matter expert - Suicide prevention
  • Subject matter expert - Circular Economy and Sustainability
  • Subject matter expert - Maara Kai, Organics, farming and living off the land
  • Subject matter expert - Kaupapa Māori Frameworks
  • Subject matter expert - Kaupapa Maori Human Centered Design
HIPANGO Geoffrey v2
Geoffrey Hipango
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Candidate Statement

I have resided in Whanganui for most of my life and have been fully involved in marae development of Te Ao Hou where I also live.

This is my grounding and contributing to my marae home base apart from my children has been one of my deepest and most satisfying achievements which continues to further challenge me and add to my own growth.

This is never ending and one that I willingly continue to embrace. I am not beyond mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms, for me personally, this is an inherited privilege.

This transfers over to governance ensuring that a strategy has to be evidenced on the ground and has to balance future growth that can make a difference and is tangible from the mountain to the sea.

Prosperity and wellness can be measured across a number of factors and our Awa Tupua framework is a means to drive this.

My professional career has been predominantly in the health and social service area and wellness in our lived practice of being Whanganui tuuturu must move us to areas of opportunity to realise this.

I am still actively involved in serving in this area. Our Kawa o te Awa Tupua reaffirms this.

During my term I would be encouraging further investment in our “tribal estates” with well defined projects that can measure this.

We will need to continually grind against resource management authorities and their crown agencies with the same tenacity and perseverance that many of our elders had to endure who never saw their efforts acknowledged in final settlement.

Our recognised legislation provides the mean to do this and demand accountability.

I commit to making a difference as an active trustee which also means ensuring presence and active input and outcomes.

MCMASTER Tawhiao v2
Tāwhiao McMaster
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He uri āhau nō ngā wai e rua e rere mai i Te Kāhui Maunga. Ko Waikato taniwharau, he piko he taniwha. Me ko Te Awa Tupua o Whanganui, kei kō iti atu rā te kōrero: Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au. Flowing from the Clan of Mountains are two mighty rivers that I descend from. Waikato of a hundred leaders, where every bend there is a chief. And the sacred Whanganui, where its people say: I am the River, and the River is me.

Candidate Statement

E te iwi, maranga ake ai!

I tupu au ki raro i te aroha o Te Awa Tupua me ōna kiore. Nō taku whānautanga mai, ki Te Kōhanga Reo o Te Kohinga Aroha, ki Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tūpoho, ki Te Aute Kāreti, ā, ki Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato hoki. Nā te whāriki a tō koutou aroha i whai tohu au hei ringa mahi mō te iwi.

I hold 3 degrees (Law, Māori, and Development). And yet, I know that my qualifications, mean nothing when I go to our marae and get thrown the smelly damp tea-towel to do the dishes, peel the potatoes, cut meat with the semi-blunt butcher-knife (sorry Uncle) or participate on the paepae.

Working in both worlds is key, in my legal mahi and amongst our people, this is something that I have been nurtured and raised to do by our people, for our people. Now, I have been encouraged to step up as a Trustee for Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui, and aim to do our Kaumātua, Rangatakapū, and Rangatahi justice.

My main aim is for us to take better care of ourselves so that we can take better care of our River.

I will focus on investing in ourselves, using our Treaty partners to our benefit, employing our own uri for our own mahi, and be a sound voice against bad property and business investments that do not reach our people.

OSBORNE StephanieRose v2
Stephanie Osborne
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Ko Taranaki, Ruapehu, Ngaruahoe, Tongariro nga maunga
Ko Waitotara, Whanganui nga Awa
Ko Aotea te Waka
Ko Pakaraka toku Marae
Ko Te Ao Marama Whakaihuwaka toku Whanau Wharenui
Ko Pakakohi, Te Atihaunui a Paparangi toku lwi
Ko Mary Merengue Henare Keremeneta toku Mama Ko Johnnie Teoneroa Phillips Te Awhe toku Papa Ko Murray Osborne toku Rangatira
Ko Stephanie Osborne toku lngoa
Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou Katoa

Candidate Statement

Stephanie and Murray Osborne are the Founders and Directors of SOMO Management Consulting Wellington, which specialises in sustainable business practises for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) locally within the community to build strong successful business partnerships.

Aotearoa Social Justice Advisory, Johnsonville, Wellington is a business initiative for Steph and business partner, Dr Zainab Radhi. We specialise in social justice for Tamariki who have been exposed to and who are living in an abusive environment.

We also create learning environments; provide opportunities for Tamariki to have second chances; and are exploring opportunities made possible by Challenge 2000, such as, pursuing an internship during a gap year.

Leadership for Steph is about relationship building, sharing the journey with stakeholders, she has a relationship and partnership with. My ethos ‘culture’ is about Manaakitanga and Whanaungatanga. It’s about ‘people, people, people’. ‘He tangata, he tangata, he tangata’.

What does this mean? It means nurturing our human capital, protecting our natural resources and environment for sustainability, and ensuring that our people are at the forefront.

Without peoples’ trust and relationships, I would not be standing for Nga Tangata Tiaki Board doing the things that I am passionate about, things such as sharing my knowledge and experience to manaaki others.

My desire is to be of service to our people and it would be an honour and a privilege if I were elected to the Board of Nga Tangata Tiaki.

PEKE MASON SorayaWaiata v2
Soraya Peke-Mason
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He uri na Hohepa Taiaroa raua ko Josephine Te Aurere Waretini, na Hohepa Peke raua ko Delphina Te Oraiti Taiaroa.

Candidate Statement 

Tēnā koutou katoa,

Firstly, I acknowledge the hard work of past and current Trustees who have rowed the waka of Ruruku Whakatupua in the key start-up phase to where we are today, ngā mihi kia koutou katoa.

Moving forward with a sense of purpose and integrity that underpins an organisations strategic vision, short and long term strategic objectives, along with an eye over performance and organisational management delivery reporting, is what I will bring to the table of Ngā Tangata Tiaki.

For the last 15 years have worked with Marae, Hapu, and Iwi from Te Awa Tupua walking alongside each other building and strengthening their foundations. This was achieved by applying many years of Local Government experience, positions on regional and national boards in education, tourism, directorships, and management on Land Trusts’ with assets worth millions of dollars.

Life experiences and wisdom are the biggest contribution I bring to the table, this includes establishing businesses in Australia and NZ in both corporate and private enterprise. Upon returning to NZ early 2000 identified gaps in the provision of sound administrative and business management expertise in land utilization for Māori Authorities, established Land Trust Management Services Ltd.

After being shoulder tapped, entered the political arena running for Local Government spending 12 years as District Councillor. I chaired our Iwi Post Settlement Governance Entity Te Totarahoe o Paerangi, Ngāti Rangi to its first formal elections stepping aside to allow next generation to take their seats.

POTAKA Hayden v2
Hayden Potaka
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Tribal Affiliations

Ko Hayden Pōtaka tōku ingoa. I am of Whanganui and of Te Āti Haunui a Pāpārangi, Ngā Rauru Kītahi, Ngā Ruahine and Kahungunu Ki Wairoa descent. I whakapapa to Pungarehu, Parikino, Ātene and Ōtoko Marae. I was born and raised in Whanganui.

Candidate Statement

Hayden Potaka was born and raised in Whanganui with whakapapa connections to Pungarehu, Parikino, Ātene and Ōtoko marae.

He brings to the table 20 years of valuable knowledge and experience gained through various leadership roles held across a number of sectors including iwi development, tourism, education and health.

Whilst his interests are firmly rooted in environmental sustainability and economic development, his passion lies in creating and developing a suite of opportunities for iwi across the board.

His primary goal is to support whānau and hapū in those spaces to become the drivers of their own destinies.

Hayden is proud and resolute in his commitment to serving the people.

POTAKA UtikuKeepa v2
Utiku Potaka
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Ko Ruapehu te Maunga
Ko Whanganui te Awa
Ko Te Āti Haunui-ā-Pāpārangi te Iwi
Ko Pūtiki Wharanui-ā-Tamatea Pōkai Whenua te Pā.
Ko Erena Mete-Kingi Anson tōku whaia. Ko Mete-Kīngi, rātau ko Tūroa, Ko Patapu ōku tūpuna. Nō Ngāti Tūmango, Ngāti Tūpoho, Ngā Poutama, Ngā Paerangi, Ngāti Rangi me Ngāti Patutokotoko.
Ki te taha o tōku pāpā arā ā Tauaiti Potaka, ko Te Oiroa, ko Teki ōku tūpuna. Nō Ngāti Pāmoana me Ngāti Ruaka.

Tēnā kautau katoa

Candidate Statement

I offer myself for election onto Ngā Tāngata Tiaki (the Trust), as I believe this is the best way to contribute to advancement of our iwi and Te Awa Tupua. I see this as natural progression from my current role, working at an operational and strategic level for the Trust and leveraging off my governance experience.

For the most part, I was raised on the family farm at Rātā by my grandparents, Rangi and Wiki Mete-Kingi. They instilled in me values of tangata tiaki of the whenua and manaaki tangata of the iwi. My whānau also lived in Castlecliff where the moana and awa were playgrounds for us, although as kids we didn’t understand the degradation of the awa, innocently fishing and swimming in it. 

My professional career has largely been in public sector, with focus on Māori development - covering Māori land development, resource management, economic development, papakāinga housing and Māori health research. In parallel, I’ve been active in whānau, hapū and iwi development, holding leadership and support roles in Te Āti Hau/Whanganui and in my other iwi of Ngāti Hauiti, Ngāti Apa, and Mōkai Pātea nui tonu.

I bring strategic, policy and political thinking to decision making at the board table, also a common-sense attitude to identify practical solutions to complex situations.

I value the opportunity to further empower our hapū and iwi through the Trust’s important work programme. In the words of my koro Taketake “He ao āpōpō he ao tea – Tomorrow’s world holds a bright future”.

PUE Elijah v2
Elijah Pue
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Taku piki amokura, nō tua whakarere, nō te pae ururangi he tipua ee! He mana hikinuku, he mana hikirangi nō te pae ki tawhiti anei tata ee! He uri nō ngā marae o Ngāti Rangi me Ngāti Uenuku. E noho ana ahau ki Raetihi, ā, he pānga anō ōku ki Ngāti Maru, Te Ātiawa me Ngāti Tūwharetoa.

Candidate Statement

I reflect on the hui we had at Pūtiki in 2012 when Raukotahi was renewed as a kaupapa for our people. Come and go not as a singular identity but as one who is a culmination of all those who were before you, all those that stand at your side and all those who will follow you.

I recall the words of my Aunty saying, “our kids are telling us they are ready”, a kōrero which I
have reflected on for some time. More recently my Uncle encouraged me with his call that better today’s leadership delivers our message; rather than yesterdays.

Reflecting is never enough – action is needed now for us to give effect to such kōrero.

That’s why I’m standing for election. I’m ready to give back to our people and build off of the mahi that has been achieved. I’m young – but I’m ready to honour our tupuna awa and prepare for the future. I’m experienced in many marae, iwi and hapū kaupapa, and other organisations in governance and management roles.

We must put the awa at the forefront of our decision making and living in the middle reaches of the river I’m well placed to give back to the awa and more importantly to those whom we represent.

I give thanks to those who have led our tribe to where we are today and it’s time to continue the succession strategy to ensure we continue to grow and prosper “Mai i te Kāhui Maunga ki Tangaroa”.

SKINNER Tamahaia v2
Tamahaia Skinner
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Ngā Paerangi, Ngāti Tuera, Ngāti Hinearo, Ngāti Rangi
Tū ana te kāhui maunga i te pito o te ika a Māui Tikitiki-ā-Taranga
Taka wai rā te mātāpuna, ngā kōrero, me ngā whakapapa
E rere kau ana ngā tikanga o ōku tupuna
I rō ngā riporipo, ngā ngaru o te awa o Whanganui Tae atu kautau ki te punawai, ki te puna ora, ki te puna aroha o Tangaroa
Tūturu whakamaua kia tina, tina!
Haumia hui e! Taikī e!

Tū mai rā taku manu ki ngā tihi tapu o Paretetaitonga, o runga o Koro Ruapehu
Mātai atu taku titiro ki Tongariro maunga, te mātāpuna o te inu wai mōhio
Tērā a Te Wainui-ā-Rua te tere atu ki te ākau ki Te Kaihau-ā-Kupe Tere whakauta taku manu ki te riu o Kaiwhaiki, ka tau taku noho ki te tangi a Te Rongo o Te Poi a Tohu Kakahi. Tū mai rā Tunuhaere hei āhurutanga mō te iti, mō te rahi o te iwi o Ngā Paerangi. Kiritahitia mai ki te whare o te kōrero ki a Te Kiritahi rāua ko Te Whakahāwea te tū mai hei whare wānanga mōku.

He tama whakatipuria ahau e ōku kaumātua a Wipaki Peeti rāua ko Te Kuia Peeti (nee Tawaroa), ki te reo me ōnā tikanga o Whanganui ake. He whakapono nui nō rāua ki te ahurea Māori me ōna taonga katoa.
Tēnei ahau a Tamahaia Skinner, he uri whakaheke mai i te tupuna a Paerangi e
whakamānawa atu nei.

Candidate Statement

As Rangatakapū our role is to take on the body of work for our people. This is why I am putting myself forward for Ngā Tāngata Tiaki. To ensure that the succession our pahake speak of, has the opportunity to come to fruition.

Having been nurtured in Whanganuitanga all of my life amongst my people, from Kōhanga Reo, through to Kura, I am humbly versed in what it means to be uri of Whanganui. I am thankful for the steps taken by my Raukotahi to guarantee that the essence of who we are was not forgotten.

We need to trust in the foundations of our kōrero tuku iho that have been laid and move forward collectively. Regardless of where you might live in the world, we all have a role to play. Mouri ora, mouri awa, mouri tangata.

Becoming a Papa and working alongside our rangatahi has taught me the importance of making future focused decisions. This motivates me to push the boundaries and speak up for what is right.
The innate protection and care for the wellbeing of our awa must therefore be a way of living.
We must be intentional in our kaupapa to protect and safeguard our awa in a way that promotes stronger whānau, hapū and iwi.

I am standing for our future generations, to ensure that our awa and its uri are at the forefront of every decision made.

Tēnei te tira hou, tēnei te haere mai nei!


TEKI CLARK SunnyArapeta v2
Sunny Teki-Clark
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I te taha o tōku Māmā
Ko Aotea te waka
Ko Ruapehu te maunga
Ko Whanganui te awa
Ko Ngāti Pāmoana, ko Ngā Poutama, ko Ngāti Ruaka ōku hapū
Ko Koriniti, ko Ranana ōku marae Ko Te Atihaunui-a-Pāpārangi te iwi He Mokopuna o Te Awa Tupua

I te taha o tōku Pāpa
Ko Te Arawa te waka
Ko Otawa te maunga
Ko Te Raparapa-a-hoe te awa Ko Te Moemiti te hapū,
Ko Hei, ko Haraki ōku marae, Ko Waitaha te iwi.

Candidate Statement

Speaking in April 2021, Māori Economic Development Minister Willie Jackson was critical of iwi for not giving enough back to their people -

“Iwi organisations have been too focused on building up their asset base ($68.6 billion in 2018) rather than looking after their people - the benefits weren’t filtering down to the people who needed help.”

Practising as a criminal lawyer for the Public Defence Service, I advocated for many of our most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Jackson’s comments resonated deeply with my experience.

Māori over-representation in criminal statistics is well known, sadly accompanied by metrics of poverty, education, health (physical and mental), income and wealth.

I suspect Jackson’s comments resonate with many hapū & whānau who have reaped little, if anything, of Iwi financial gains.

While praise is certainly due to those responsible for building the Trust assets and guiding us to this stage, new and innovative thinking is required if we are to yield different results & realise the potential of the Te Awa Tupua framework.

Undoubtedly, fellow candidates will have Māori networks, valuable qualifications, iwi involvement, extensive governance portfolios... and all the same old ideas.

Hapū, Te Matua-a-Rohe, and Te Pou Tupua (Uncle Turama & Aunty Tari) are in place to protect all matters of Tikanga & Kawa.

At a strategic level, the time is ripe for the injection of energy, thought leadership, and digital entrepreneurship that I will provide. In turn, communication, responsiveness, and benefits will flow freely to hapū and whānau.

Tēnā tātou katoa

TUROA Hayden v2
Hayden Turoa
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Candidate Statement

Tahuri mai ō mata ki muri rā, ki runga o Tongariro. Ka ruku ki ngā wai heke, koia ko te Wainui-a-Rua e haruru mai nei ngā manga iti me ngā manga nui.

Ahakoa te kāniwhaniwha, rewa tonu mai ana a Tahuri-te-aro-rangi ki te ao mārama.

Kāti, koutou ngā toki, me ngā whao i pao i te kuru e rangona ai te tanguru o te kawa ora, he mihi, he tangi, tēnā koutou katoa.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to be involved at an operational level to see the establishment of systems and policies within Nga Tangata Tiaki o Whanganui.

As the Trust moves out of an establishment phase I am extremely honored to have been nominated for this process and if successful to be a Trustee, I want to continue to contribute to our awa and ensure the Trust continues to support one another to uphold the kawa of our old people.

To do so, I believe in a strategic focus that seeks to enable the growth of our Marae and Hapū capacity and providing greater opportunities for our rangatahi.

I am also deeply committed to the revitalisation of Te Reo o Whanganui me ona tikanga, me ona kawa. It is those tikanga and kawa which form the foundation for the Te Awa Tupua arrangements in the River Settlement which can only be driven and led by our hapū through Te Mana o te Iwi.

WALKER Siani v2
Siani Walker
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Iwi/hapū affiliations

Whanganui: Te Ātihau-nui-a-Paparangi te iwi, Ngāti Tupoho te hapū
Ko Putiki te marae, Nō Whanganui wā kāinga

Ngā Puhi – Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa te iwi / Whanau Pani te hapū
Ko Te Patunga te marae, Nō Pupuke wā kāinga

Candidate Statement

Ko Ruapehu te Maunga,
Ko Whanganui te Awa,
Ko Te Ātihaunui a Paparangi me Ngāti Rangi ngā iwi.
Ko Ani Pohe Waitai Haapu tōku kuia, Ko Aria Pohe -Tauroa tōku whaea. Ko Siani Walker au.

Raised at Putiki marae, I attended Sacred Heart College until my parents relocated our whānau to Auckland in the 1980’s.

I have lived much of my adult life in the north and return often with my children, to keep us connected to home and our Whanganui and Ngāti Rangi whānaunga.

In 2017 I was appointed by Te Matua Rohe to the role of Advisory trustee on Ngā Tangata Tiaki Trust. This enables me to share my skills and experience from a local government context to inform and guide the Trust.

In my professional leadership roles as an experienced practitioner of Resource Management Planning and Policy, I have led, developed, and implemented Maori values into policy and planning documents, within Māori Cultural Heritage and Treaty Settlements that reflect the voice of Māori.

The last three years has been pivotal to providing me with new and valuable learnings, and insights of where to influence change.

Encouraged by fellow board members and whānau, I want to continue as a valuable contributor at Ngā Tangata Tiaki Trust, by putting my name forward as a Trustee, and to give back to Te Awa Tupua me ngā uri o Whanganui.

Ko te Awa te mātāpuna o te ora – the river is the source of spiritual and physical sustenance.

WILSON ChePhilip v2
Che Wilson
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Ko Ruapehu te maunga
Ko Whanganui te awa
Ko Whanganui te iwi whānui
Ko Te Āti Haunui, ko Te Wainui-a-Rua ngā karanga iwi
Nō Ngāti Tūpoho ki Pūtiki, Ngāti Tūpoho ki Te Ao Hou, Ngāti Tuera, Ngā Poutama, Ngāti Ruaka, Ngāti Rangi tōku pāpā

Nō Ngā Paerangi, Ngāti Pāmoana, Ngā Poutama, Ngāti Ruaka, Ngāti Hau, Ngāti Kurawhatia, Ngāti Rangitautahi, Ngāti Patutokotoko, Ngāti Uenuku, Ngāti Rangi tōku māmā

Ko te tai runga te awa, ko te awa te tai raro
E kukume nei taku ate

Candidate Statement

The last three years as a Trustee has given me insight into the work ahead for Ngā Tāngata Tiaki and for us as a people and I see my role as a bridge to hand over to the next generations.

There is a need to realise the aspirations of our tūpuna and make the settlement work on the ground. I am standing for a second term to help connect the mahi of settlement to how our people see the needs of the awa on the ground and am asking for your vote of confidence.

Our kaumātua groomed me and I have been fortunate to have learnt in both worlds. We must connect both worlds to ensure that the on-the-ground dreams and challenges are understood, so we can care for the awa, be and act like the awa and be the voice of the awa.

I am particularly interested in the technology space to see how we can befriend technology to help revive our practices associated with the awa and whenua and to strengthen our tikanga.

Through the Waka Pakoko hui in 2020, we were able to reconfirm our mahi going forward and we must work out together how we continue to build the infrastructure to support the Awa Tupua and maintain our marae, grow our people and thrive. Therefore, I ask humbly that you to vote for me.

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Phone: 0800 AWA TUPUA

Background and Process

Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui is the post settlement governance entity for Whanganui Iwi for the purposes of Ruruku Whakatupua - the Whanganui River Deed of Settlement.

The current seven Trustees of Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui took office in September 2018 with the responsibility of representing the interests of Whanganui Iwi as a whole. Their term will expire in September 2021 and all seven Trustees will vacate their seats (though they are eligible to stand again).

Seven Trustees will be elected to Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui as required by the Trust Deed.

Candidates for election were called for in two stages: first, nominations for three Trustee positions from Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua, and secondly; nominations for four Trustee positions from Whanganui Iwi members generally.

There were three confirmed nominations via the process of Te Rūnanga o Te Awa Tupua. Those nominations will be confirmed as Trustees at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting in September.

Nominations for four Trustee positions from Whanganui Iwi members closed on Thursday 27 May 2021.

An election will be held between the listed candidates by postal and online voting.

How to vote

Voting packs will be sent to all registered members aged 18 years and over on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Each pack will contain:

  • voting document (unique to each member)
  • Candidate profile booklet (containing information provided by each candidate)
  • Return freepost envelope

You will need to read the candidate profile booklet and decide who you wish to vote for.

You will be able to vote for up to four candidates.

You must only vote once, but you will have the option to either vote online or vote by post.

Instructions on how to cast your vote online or by post will be provided in the voting pack you receive in the post.

Voting closes at 12 noon on Tuesday 3 August 2021.  Postal vote will be accepted up until 6 August 2021, as long as it was posted on or before 3 August 2021.

The successful candidates will be announced in early September.

Election Services

The Trustee election process is being run by Independent Returning Officer, Election Services. 

This page has been created for information purposes, you are unable to vote on this site.

For more information about voting and Election Services, click here. 

If you have any queries about the election process, please contact the Returning Officer on 0800 922 822.

However, if you have any queries about your registration and contact details, please contact us:


Although we are focused on the new Trustees, we would like to take this opportunity to tuku mihi to the Trustees who served during the 2018-2021 term.


Joey Allen, Siani Walker, Hannah Rainforth, Alaina Teki-Clark, Sandy Nepia, Rawiri Tinirau, Nancy Tuaine, Che Wilson, Gerrard Albert.


Have you and your whānau registered for the Whanganui Iwi Registration?
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