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Te Ngakinga o Whanganui Investment Trust and Whanganui Iwi Fisheries Limited (‘the Investment Entities’) are the vehicles within the Ngā Tāngata Tiaki Group responsible for growing the assets of Whanganui Iwi held by Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui Trust (the Trust). The revenue generated from investments will be partly reinvested and partly applied to provide benefit to Whanganui uri, hapū and iwi either through disbursements (through a soon to be established Iwi Development Trust) or through operational level work streams.

The Trust appoints the trustees/directors of both Investment Entities. For coordination purposes the directors of Whanganui Iwi Fisheries Limited and Te Ngakinga o Whanganui Investment Trust are currently the same people to ensure that the commercial effort is as effective and efficient as possible. Those trustees/directors are Simon Karipa (Chair), Dr Rāwiri Tinirau and Declan Millin.

The Trust provides Letters of Expectation to the Investment Entities annually that detail how they are to operate and what level of returns are required. The Trust also considers and approves the Investment Entities’ Strategic and Annual Plans, as well as the Statement of Investment Policies & Objectives (SIPO) which governs how the Investment Entities will invest.

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Important Documents

Te Ngakinga Strategic Plan 2016-2021 FINAL

Te Ngakinga SIPO FINAL July 2017

171024 Constitution of Whanganui Iwi Fisheries Limited

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