He Waka Pakoko

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He Waka Pakoko

20 years on since the Whanganui Iwi Development Summit was held at Putiki Marae the landscape continues to change as we achieve settlements for Te Awa Tupua and lands across Whanganui Iwi. In order to plot a course towards the next phase of our iwi history Ngā Tāngata Tiaki are calling our people back together to help formulate a pathway towards 2040. 

HE WAKA PAKOKO – The Pathway 2040 is an iwi symposium being organised by Ngā Tangata Tiaki on the 14th and 15th of March 2020 back at Putiki Marae, Whanganui to gather the input from our people about what their vision is for our next 20 years.   

The Waka Pakoko was simply fashioned waka identifiable by a plain, inwards facing figurehead (the Pakoko, or sometimes called the Whakaanga) and lack of adornment.  On Te Wai-nui-a-Rua these waka were of great importance as they were our fishing-canoes, racing canoes, our ferries and our general mode of transport mai uta ki tai, mai tai ki uta. Some of the famous waka pakoko were named Korau, Waiapu, Te Korukoru o Maru, Mangaone, Te Kiekie, Taku-Tai-a-te-Kura. Some of these Waka Pakoko were felled and carved from Te Matai o Puanga, a forest inland from the confluence of Manga-nui-o-te-ao and Te Wai-nui-a-Rua.  

He Waka Pakoko creates a space that allows us to be inwards facing and future focused. We invite our iwi, young and old to wānanga, work-shop, and collectively define our aspirations for Te Awa Tupua over the next 20 years. 

Ngā Tāngata Tiaki will use the information gathered from He Waka Pakoko to guide the strategic focus of the entities established within its group such as Te Whawhaki to support the development of uri and iwi of Te Awa Tupua.

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