Mouri Tūroa Webinar Series

Mouri Tūroa Webinar Series

Mouri Tūroa is a new initiative designed to improve the health and wellbeing of the Whanganui River and to create nature-based employment opportunities for uri.

Between the months of August and October 2023 there will be a webinar series presented by various Mouri Tūroa kaimahi and external mātanga on findings that are a result of the work in the Mouri Tūroa space.

Join us online or at the Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui office for our webinar series.

The webinars are made up of three series:

  • What is ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme)
  • Eco Sourcing for our future
  • Rediscovering the natural stream shape.

Webinar one: 
August 10th 2023, 10.30am.

What is ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) and how can it support the restoration of our lands and support the wellbeing of our Awa with Te Uru Rākau with Gordon Cribb, and Phillip Tetzlaff and Patrick Hawinkels from Te Ururākau (MPI).
This webinar will discuss points in relation to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). What is it, what are the benefits and risk of entering into the ETS and how this scheme can support the health and wellbeing of our lands and Awa.
The presentation can be found here.
This webinar can be viewed via this link.

Webinar two: 
September 12th 2023, 10.30am

Eco sourcing for our future: How to identify the seeds and source them to support Te Awa Tupua with Kimmy Ranginui.
This webinar will explore various elements of seed raising and identifying our native rākau. It will touch on factors of availability tracking by season, the purpose of our seeds, pods and plants, why we choose specific rākau to plant in areas within the catchment as well as how we may be able to identify, prepare and store and propagate our own rākau.
This webinar can be viewed via this link.

Webinar three:

October 25th 2023, 10.30am 

Rediscovering natural stream shapes with Hannah Rainforth and Ngarimu Huia Tahuparae.
How does rediscovering the natural stream shape improve biodiversity and ecosystem restoration. 
This webinar can be viewed via this link.


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