Iwi collective encourages whānau to be prepared

Te Ranga Tupua iwi leadership are actively encouraging whānau to be vigilant in the face of the imminent Covid-19 threat in our community.

As our surrounding districts continue to experience rising case numbers it is only a matter of time before confirmed Covid-19 cases are on our front doorstep.

“Whānau we know this is a stressful time and the impacts of this ngārara are taking their toll, however we can’t urge you enough to please get prepared, to wear your masks, to contact trace and maintain hygiene regimes” says Te Ranga Tupua co-chair, Sheena Maru.

“We know that vaccination is our greatest protection and we encourage those who are yet to do so, to take the time to make an informed vaccination decision.

"Our iwi providers throughout the rohe are here to support, to make time to kōrero and to walk you through the vaccination process.”

“We are in the process of setting up mobile vaccination teams across the rohe to support those whānau to get vaccinated, now. We will also be undertaking a communications campaign informing all of our whānau about vaccination – regardless of which side of the fence they sit on; and most importantly – supporting them to protect their whānau how they determine best.”

Te Ranga Tupua is also encouraging those that may be feeling unwell or exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms to please self-isolate and get tested. 

“Covid-19 does not discriminate and has the potential to be transmitted quickly throughout our community, we need to prepare as whānau for this reality, Covid-19 is the problem however, we the people need to work together to be the solution, to minimise the risk of transmission as much as possible and to support each other in our new reality.”



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