Hui-a Iwi Tuatahi – Hapainga te Mana o Te Iwi

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Hui-a Iwi Tuatahi – Hapainga te Mana o Te Iwi

For almost 30 years, the Department of Conservation has taken control of hapū lands via the creation of the Whanganui National Park, but also by extension, effectively assumed control of a large portion of the Whanganui River without legal validity.

There are also multiple central government agencies and local government bodies controlling aspects of use and access to the River. The rules and policies are all designed by tauiwi to accord with their values, and our hapū and iwi are consulted parties, at best.

The Te Awa Tupua Act 2017 provides scope to have this disparity addressed by consolidation of ad hoc processes into a singular process that for the first time, can place our hapū and iwi at the centre of policy design and decision making in respect to the way people access and behave on our River.

Concessions for access to the Whanganui National Park, along with local government functions and maritime navigation responsibilities can be combined into a singular permission process, designed and governed by our people under the kawa and tikanga of Te Awa Tupua.

This hui is the first in a series of hui-a-iwi for Whanganui that will be held to discuss what the process should look like from a hapū and iwi viewpoint, leading to a proposition to be presented to key Government Ministers.

Where: Morero Marae, Taumarunui

When: 10.30am Whakatau, Rāmere 30 July 2021

Note, this hui is not about resolution of claims to the Whanganui National Park, but control of activities on the River.

Transport Support

Please contact the office of Ngā Tāngata Tiaki before Friday 23 July 2021 on 062813409 or if you require transport from Whanganui, Raetihi or Ohakune.


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